At our appointment, on time, for our future! – 11/09/2018

During September 6th to 10th, 2018, an echelon of our company consisting of the Director of Communications and Business Development, Mario Chatzidamianos, and the Research, Environment, Security, Systems & Technology, Angelina Kondyli, visited the municipality of Zagora – Mouresi and held a meeting with Mayor Panagiotis Koutsaftis, with whom we discussed the details of establishment of our first physical role-playing scenario-game, entitled “The Centaur’s Secrets”, within the municipality’s administrative boundaries.

Mr. Koutsaftis immediately realized the innovative approach, pointed out the originality of the idea and commented positively that this scenario-game can be a tool for the development of Experience Tourism in Eastern Pelion region. At the same time, he pledged that the municipality would be on our side in this endeavor, and within the next few months a relevant recommendation would be presented to the municipality’s council so that we may officially obtain the establishment permission.

Following the meeting with Mr. Koutsaftis, whom we would like to thank for his full support in our project, the executives of our company also met with the Magnesia’s Branch of the Hellenic Rescue Team, based in Volos, with whom we discussed the project details and requested the undertaking of our players’ and environmental safety on behalf of the branch. The meeting was successfully, as Mrs. Theodoti Papadimitriou and Mr. Evangelos Vamvakas, who represented the H.R.T., pledged to forward the request to the Board of Directors with a view to finalizing the agreement between us.

The aim of our cooperation is for the Hellenic Rescue Team to provide us with a support mechanism through the creation of the Players Safety Support and Protecting Natural Environment Teams. We want to thank the Hellenic Rescue Team for their support and their willingness to assist our effort.

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