Father in law

Johan Nikolas Dieter Mayer - Father in law

Life in western Germany in the second half of the 20th century was a discouraging experience. Passing through bankruptcy, divided by warring struggles, the country quickly turned into an economical giant under the auspices of the United States of America, and this period of transformation gave many marginalized people the opportunity to gain and emerge as the new German economic and political elite. Such a man is Johann Nicolas Dieter Mayer. Little is known about the past of the middle-aged owner of a weapon-building factory, and his personal life is wrapped in mystery, though rumors linking him to the local underworld and the CIA were always to the forefront. When Babis seduced his young daughter, as opposed to what one would expect, Johan hugged his new groom “warmly” by placing him in the factory’s command. Besides, when fates offer the opportunity to become one of the most popular people in the country, and even to open up a career in politics, a man with Johan’s cold, computing mind would not leave it untapped. The marriage of Babis and his young daughter, secured a sharp rise in popularity for Johan. The initial surprise for Johan’s big-heartedness has given way to doubts when, shortly afterwards, he announced his political aspirations, which were quickly fulfilled. His political star was in a rally race, “displacing” allies and opponents, until his position as Federal Minister of Defense and NATO chief. Rumors say that at the time of political marching, he created a personal army of men and women willing to do everything to benefit the great Dieter Mayer. Most would describe Johan’s life as long and fertile, him as a man of deeds, popular, respected, with a dedicated woman always willing to offer her wise advice to the former powerful politician, and two daughters worthy continuators of the Dieter Mayer name. There are not few, those behind closed doors who whisper that Heidi Dieter Mayer von Drumpf is the real person to whom Johan owes his career. His wife, who has been living for over ten years in the United States, due to her double nationality, which she acquired when her young husband emerged as a prominent figure in the German business and political scene. Hardly anyone could associate Johan’s’ public folk picture with his ruthless, hegemonic personality. However, those who have worked for him know a single perception that accompanies them in the business: Your results will get you far, but their lack will cause you problem. So, when Johan sends his trusted associates in coverup mission, based on a case due to Cleopatras Kipselis’s haphazard findings, as a result of Babis’s efforts to return to the life of his estranged son, they themselves realize that in that story there are secrets that even their boss is not willing to share.

Introduction letter: call to action invitation

Dear all,

After a thorough research regarding the establishment of a task force, you have been chosen as the most capable and fit ones for the task at hand. Your abilities and strong personalities will be the necessary assets for the completion of your mission. At the moment all you need to know is that at Kissos village on mount Pelion, Greece, the professor of archaeology Kleopatras Kipselis, was conducting a five-year long research and excavation motivated by the legend of the Centaur Chiron. The purpose of this team is to acquire any information regarding the existence of valuable products and/or conceptional breakthroughs that the professor might have come to. Nonetheless, we acquired information revealing that the professor is about to be announced missing by local authorities, having not visited the excavation area for more than 48 hours. Your aim is to discreetly investigate the professor’s disappearance, try to establish contact with locals and, if able, to discover his location and persuade him to sign an exclusive agreement, so as to assure the concession of all copyrights regarding his findings for immediate exploitation. As you already know having worked for me all those years, I should not need to underline the importance of retrieving any findings the professor might have in his possession, no matter the cost, whilst taking care of possible mishaps that may occur during the expedition, in the most discreet way. You are only to report to me directly by the person who you’ll acquaint as head of the mission. Your team is to meet at the city of Volos and information will become available through private communication channels. Will share all details once the team is ready to fly to Greece.

Yours sincerely,
Johan Nikolas Dittermayer