The “Polish’s” crew

Natasha Kachowska

Age/Sex: 46, Female
Place of birth: Gdansk
Occupation: Cleaning lady & momma of the squad – “Lieutenant”
Characteristics: Organized, ascetic, punishing
Hobbies: Choir, gourmet cooking, hammer-throwing

From a young age, Natasha dreamed of a career as a singer and her voice was a definite ticket to success. Unfortunately, her parents in collaboration with her hammer-throw trainers, systematically and secretly doped her with anabolic steroids. Thus, during her adolescence, the effects of the chemicals altered both her exrternal figure as well as her voice, making it hoarser, depriving her of an opportunity for an artistic career. Disappointed as she felt, she withdrew from the pursuit of her dreams, which she exchanged for a position as permanent political staff member of the Polish Army. The rejection she experienced due to her distortent appearance made her an easy target in the eyes of Gabriel who easily aproached her to include her to his paramilitary organisation. She accepted the invitation and took on her new role. Obsessive-compulsive and punitive against those who dare to oppose her, she quickly climbed the administrative chain. Her new identity is her best well kept secret.

Milos Laska

Age/Sex: 33, Male
Place of birth: Bratislava
Occupation: Medicine expert & intensive care nurse – “Second Lieutenant”
Characteristics: Self-conscious, good-willed, martyr
Hobbies: Lottery, table football, reforestation

Ever since he can remember himself, Milos was described by a constant need to help, to heal, to protect. When his adolescene was permanently scarred by the slow and painful death of his best friend from an autoimmune disease, Milos decided that he would never lose anyone again. He applied for a degree in pharmacology and spent a decade in the medical system of Slovakia, gradually losing all faith in the same system he sworn to serve. Reforestation, a favorite voluntary action that he performed in his spare time, was the occasion for Milos to visit Poland, where he met and fell in love with his current fiancee. It was not long before he moved to Warsaw and adopted the lifestyle of his beloved, including his participation in Gabriel’s paramilitary organization of which she has been a member. Milos decided to participate in the mission, trying to prove to his fiancee his devotion and faith in the organization.

Luule Kiomka

Age/Sex: 20, Female
Place of birth: Talin
Occupation: Blogger – “Sergeant Major”
Characteristics: Impressive, diplomat, merciless
Hobbies: Facebook page manager, lyric scene, Zumba

Despite her young age, Luule has a clear purpose in life. Having misinterpreted the idea of posthumous fame, she wants to gain as much fame as possible way before death knocks on her door. That’s why, as a true child of the ‘glass generation’ she started promoting herself on social media at an early age. Gabriel approached her to take advantage of her female lures, promising her that her participation in the organization would provide her with the reputation she had long dreamed off. Working as the face of the organization online she never misses a chance to promote herself through her posts. The trip to Pelion is an opportunity for her for even greater visibility and also a step towards fullfilling her goal, which is nonother than to become Gabriel’s successor in the leadership of the organization.

Akira Shiroyama

Age/Sex: 21, Male
Place of birth: Akihabara
Occupation: Trumpeter & anthem composer – “Private”
Characteristics: Romantic, ambitious, alienated
Hobbies: Ninjutsu, maid café enthusiast, online poker gamer

The suffocating environment of a traditional Japanese family contributed strongly to Akira’s decision to flee to the cosmopolitan Berlin as an adult. Following his dream of becoming a musician, he supports himself by performing on the streets, considering himself as a modern ronin. A fighter, a warrior without a master. With intense activistic behavior, furstrated by the system and following the life of a modern nomad, he travelled from city to city, from country to country until his footsteps led him to Talin. It was on the streets of the city that Luule met him and being impressed by his musical abilities she asked him to compose the music for her videos. The two of them would come close at the nights of the endless modage, while for Akira his joining Gabriel’s paramilitary organization is the opportunity he was looking for to avenge the system. Despite his involvement in the organization, he maintains his independance that could, at anytime, turn into a boomerang against Gabriel and that’s the reason why his participation in the mission is not optional. After all, he himself knows that Gabriel’s favorite phrase is “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

Adam Majiev

Age/Sex: 27, Male
Place of birth: Wroclaw
Occupation: Information Technology & data analyst – “Sergeant”
Characteristics: Analytical, persistent, gullible
Hobbies: Star Trek fan club president, figurine collector, ice skating

Nothing in Adam’s life has been great or extraordinary so far. One would described him as a person with little experience and even lesser social contacts. He became member of the organization when he decided it was about time he deeply explored his dark side. After all, he was familiar with his dark side that led him to use his knowledge of computer science to secure illegal profits through blackmail, the sale of data and the theft of credit cards holders. As a lead analyst, he spends his time cross-referencing data information. However, his personal well being is above everything else and he would do anything to protect himself at all costs. No one in the organization trust him for this and the other members of the team were shocked when finding out that his participation was a direct choise of Gabriel himself. After the initial shock, however, the question remains unanswered… Why was he chosen?

Krzystof Kowalski

Age/Sex: 19, Male
Place of birth: Poznan
Occupation: Airsoft storekeeper & wannabe commando – “Corporal”
Characteristics: Devoted, trustworthy, panicky
Hobbies: Airsoft, paintball, online gaming

As the son of one of the organization’s founders, Krzystof bears the overwhelming legacy of the Kowalski family name. He also carries a less renowned but more practical legacy: a small fortune entrusted to him by his parents, part of which he used to open a store that sells firearms replicas for Airsoft as a coverup for his activities within the organization. Being in charge of the organization’s finance, he has managed despite his young age to circulate himself undisturbed in those closed circles of wealth tycoons. The only difference is that in addition of being a descendant of the Kowalski family he has become one of the largest dirty money traffickers in Poland’s crime underworld. What more can one expect from a child who knows more about bitcoins and blockchain technology than top bankers and economics professors at universities. Every field operation is in need of unditectable funding and for this reason Krzystof is one of the first to join the team.

Anjia Kruk

Age/Sex: 26, Female
Place of birth: Białystok
Occupation: Fitness trainer – “Sergeant Master”
Characteristics: Decisive, restless, crude
Hobbies: CrossFit, goth accessories, oriental dances

Compared to most, Anjia identifies the participation to the organization as mean to fullfill her long ethnicistic beliefs, which are no different from those of the fascist movements that are reviving along the European region. Raw, emotionless and determined as few people, she would not take a step back when call upon to train the organization’s new members. For Anjia, the white race remains superior to all others but she does not hesitate to capitulate with Gabriel in order to accept members of other races within the organization. Probably the reason why would be that she is being paid dearly for her services and confidentiallity.

Viktor Sobieski

Age/Sex: 37, Male
Place of birth: Bialograd
Occupation: Hunter & survivalist – “Captain”
Characteristics: Powerful, honorable, choppy
Hobbies: Rowing, brazilian Jiujitsu, scout team leader

Viktor’s first contact with nature at the tender age of eight, as a scout, has been of decisive importance. However, it also laid the foundations on which Viktor would for years consolidate a spartan way of living. He believes that one’s ultimate honor is to die by offering services to his/hers homeland. With skills that many would envy, a former Olympian, Viktor justifies the nickname given to him by his compatriots in the organization, “the Killer” that is. His knowledge of the use of weapons, hand to hand compat and cities “guerilla-war” tactics have long given him the position of instructor of the organization’s elite killers team. It is clear to him that whenever Gabriel asks for a level 6 mission, he is called upon to lead the team and “finish” the job.