The University’s crew

Erik Schultz

Age/Sex: 23, Male
Place of birth: Köln
Occupation: Graduate student of History
Characteristics: Constantly seeking to obtain knowledge, reserved, fixated
Hobbies: Linguistics-translation of ancient texts, documentaries, marathon running

Ever since he was a little boy, Eric grew up alone, having two parents that were workaholic and didn’t have enough time to look after him. After his school years were over, and the Abitur was placed in his hands, his vision of goals was clear. He wanted to work with his idol, the great archaeologist Kleopatras, who had brought so many antiquities to the light. During his studies Erik received the full attention of the professor and felt like he finally got the family that he was longing for, when – as happened to the professor – he was chosen to become a member of Kypselis’ team. Working close with the professor he already knew something was wrong. Thus, he volunteered to be part in the the research group, hoping to find his “father” as soon as possible.

Rita Scodari

Age/Sex: 25, Female
Place of birth: Valetta
Occupation: Doctorate student of Sociology
Characteristics: Social, talkative, arrogant
Hobbies: Volunteer, photography, kid’s parties organizer

Rita has always been charmed by archaic societies especially the early pioneered ones. During her academic studies she decided to subject a post-doctoral thesis describing mythological societies as an ideal reflection of societal excellence, which she believes needs to revive in the modern world. Professor Kleopatras was the person who undertook the role of supervising her research, and thus she already knows where the professor invited her almost a year earlier. It was around that same period she started having platonic feelings for the professor despite the age difference. His disappearance, upset her so much that she didn;t think twice before volunteering for the rescue team so that she may reassure her mentor’s wellbeing.

Ludwig Muller

Age/Sex: 25, Male
Place of birth: Zurich
Occupation: Graduate Student of Philosophy
Characteristics: Likeable, Authentic, Narcissist
Hobbies: Ski, Tennis, Party

Few people are as authentic as Ludwig. He is not hesitant to open up to people and often admits, that he is just a rich playboy, a philosopher of pleasure, a modern Boehm. This might explain why his controversial life stance is so easily accepted by everyone around him. Programming his monthly escape, he decided to attend a cruise to the Aegean Sea, during which, he systematically indulged in wild parties. It came out as a great surprise to many, including himself, when he woke up in a hotel room int eh city of Volos, without luggages, without even remembering how he got there, and with only one clue. That is a note found in his pocket. The folded paper had only one phone number on it, the personal number of Cleopatras Kipselis. His participation in the team may be the only opportunity to find out what have happened to him.

Maite Rubio

Age/Sex: 27, Female
Place of birth: Barcelona
Occupation: Postgraduate student of Art History
Characteristics: Endoscopic, enigmatic, melodramatic
Hobbies: Museum tourism, flamenco, art meetings organizer

Maite is a simple girl, with down to earth goals and plans for her future. The reason for her meeting the professor was her participation in an Erasmus program for postgraduates students. It was then that she met with Kypselis, to whom she recognised a mentor, both because of his knowledges and his will to share them with young students. When she got informed his disappearance, she went straight to the management, offering her help to the research. No one can understand her interest in this mission, as well as a secret she posseses, a secret related with the exchange of letters with the professor himself.

Arete Stasinou Stavrianidi

Age/Sex: 23, Female
Place of birth: Volos
Occupation: Postgraduate student of Architecture (wonder child)
Characteristics: Innovative, cooperative, challenging
Hobbies: Cooking, board games, sailing

The youngest daughter of professor Stavrianidis, the person whose research Cleopatras decided to continue when they met back in 2011. Samewise as her father, Arete chose to follow an academic career, and her endless talent manifested in the field of Architecture. Feeling an inner agony for what happened to Cleopatras, she contacted the university to offer them her help, as she have met her father afew days earlier to Volos. Afer his death from cancer, she decided to share with the team all the knowledge she possesses, and act as an intermediary between the team and the local authorities.

Fritz Anders

Age/Sex: 28, Male
Place of birth: Essen
Occupation: Graduate student of Archaeology
Characteristics: Liable, skeptic, jumpy
Hobbies: Literature writer, swing dancer, pastry maker

Born in a family of economic immigrants from Senegal, in their attempt to find a brighter future his parents fully adopted the German culture to the point where they even changed their family name. Fritz distinguished himself from his six siblings, with a bright career ahead of him in the academic compartment, with hopes of one day gaining the title of professor. His recent quarell with Kypselis, in front of hunderds os witnesses, at the entrance of the university made him look suspicious in the eyes of the german police. For him, his participation in the team is not voluntary rather than an attempt to prove his innocence.

Luciana Pereira

Age/Sex: 26, Female
Place of birth: Coatzacoalcos
Occupation: Postgraduate student Conservation of Antiquities, graduate student in Archaeology
Characteristics: Lively, spontaneous, risk taker
Hobbies: Face make up, LGBTQ activist, Tai Chi

Some people are having a hard time deciding their purpose in life, which is why they strive to try any goal that is within arm’s reach, until they are bored of it. The only constant in Luciana’s life is her love for antiqueties, a love she inherited from her antiques collector step-father. As it turned out, she was a natural talent regarding the perservation and restoration of antiquities, a talent to be nartured during her scholarship at the University of Berlin. It was then she first came in contact with the fame and work of professor Cleopatras and vowed to meet him one day  in person. To her disappointment, she was informed of his dissapearance, but such a small problem wouldn’t stop her. Pulling every possible string behind the curtain she landed a place in the mission, so to find what happened to the professor, or better say to his “treasure”.

Mic McCormack (aka Finn o’Cullen)

Age/Sex: 37, Male
Place of birth: Dublin
Occupation: Private Eye (cover identity Assistant professor in the department of Experimental Archaeology)
Characteristics: Heroic, protective, stubborn
Hobbies: Medieval sword fighting, reenactment, darts

There are people who think they were born in the wrong century and Mic is one of them. At a yound age, he fulfilled his military obligations with honorary distinctions and was to persute a carrer as a police officer untill he was shot by a thief, resulting in colorblindness and optic nerve damage. Therefore, he chose to become a private investigator, with a number of succeses in cases involving disappearances. He was hired to help with the research on behalf of the university and thus begone to understand the dark background of antiqueties smuggling. He does not consider anyone as innocent and his participation in the crew is related to the unorthodox methods he uses, with which Anna could only agree.