Meeting the Mayor of Athens, George Kaminis – 14/10/2018

On the occasion of the inauguration of both Kypseli’s Municipal Market and the action “Katastima sto Kentro” of the program ‘This is Athens-Polis²’, in which our company participates as beneficiary, we were pleased to have a meeting with the mayor of Athens, George Kaminis.

Both meetings took place in a friendly atmosphere, and Mario Chatzidamianos, Director of Communications and Business Development briefed the Mayor on our corporate structure, our projects development and planning, the partnerships we are implementing, our staff’s training methodology and our philosophy on creating networks of professional craftsmen and women, with whom we collaborate based on locality, in areas where our scenario-games are to be established.

On his behalf, the mayor congratulated the executives of the company, stated the full support of the municipal authority in initiatives of young entrepreneurs and the importance of initiatives that manage to bring civil society into line with the relevant administrative public bodies.

In relation to the mayor’s visit to Kipseli’s Municipal Market you may read the article in the following link:

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