Revival of our projects in Theatre Square – 30/04/2019

It has been a month since our return in Theatre Square, after having accepted the invitation of the Athens Development and Destination Management Agency, and for the past thirty (30) days we’ve been reviving our projects in the area.

Within the following period we hope that we will be able to deliver our pitching deck to be used as an example for the rest of the beneficiaries of the program and thus help them present themselves for pre-seed funding opportunities. Following up with some of our projects we have been working on the re-production of our photographic exhibition entitled “Anabela”; we are collaborating with ‘Serafio Center for Sports – Culture and Innovation’ in order for us to implement our Kinesthetic Intelligence workshop for unemployed and previously convicted individuals; we are preparing a collaboration with ‘We need Books’ NGO for the implementation of a concert with bands being ensembled by refugees and Greek musicians, whilst we are to deliver our strategic business planning report to, a spinoff of the world known brand Coco-mat.

Photo from archive

To the extent of our research for possible future employees, on April the 26th, 2019, we conducted a meeting in which we decided the criteria, the business profile and personal background we are looking for in an employee, and thus we are ready to invite new candidates to become part of our “family”.

Photo from archive

We hope to see you soon in one of our events. Until that moment comes, keep yourselves informed by subscribing to our newsletter, using the form found on our contact page.

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