Let us meet the final 13 – 1/07/2018

The final 13 has been selected, the journey begins. Yesterday on June 30th we held the first meeting of the participants with the trainers of the workshop entitled “Kinesthetic Intelligence and improvement of L.A.R.P. players experience”. The 13 applicants are members of the Hellenic L.A.R.P. community with great experience in the field. All of them have either participate or organized a L.A.R.P. scenario within the last year and it is great pleasure for all of us to welcome them in our first lifelong learning activity.

The participants spend a couple of hours with their instructors: Mr. George Nastos, registered Hatha and Raja Yoga Instructor (500H) by Yoga Alliance (USA) and Yoga Alliance International (INDIAN), Ms. Sofia Koutelida, registered Hatha Yoga Instructor (500H) by Yoga Alliance (USA) and Yoga Alliance International (INDIAN), and Mr. Mario Chatzidamianos Capacity Building Trainer, discussing on the implementation details, time schedule, necessary safety and health measures undertaken. They were also informed that during the workshop they will be submitted to evaluation processes and they all agreed on the dates of the videography to take place.

The meeting was held in the Municipal Market of Kypseli, the new “home” of Creators of Cosmos S.M.P.C., after Impact Hub, as the site’s managing authority, selected us to be hosted in the building, considering our proposal to fulfill the criteria set. That is to say the human / environment is at the center of the company’s scope, ensuring at the same time a sustainable development plan.

During the following days the participants will experience a new approach in capacity building, based on their capability to understand their Kinesthetic Intelligence and put their knowledge into action throughout a two-day workshop following their participation in the seminar.

We would like to thank Mr. Andreas Provelegios, owner of Yoga and Budo (Arts and Evolution) Lifelong Learning Center 1 for his sponsorship of equipment. Mr. Provelegios is one of the first contributors in our effort. Please take the time to visit Yoga & Budo (Arts and Evolution) Center in the following link: www.yogabudo.com

We would also like to thank Mr. Lazaros Damanis, our Cultural Manager, for his help on creating the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and Mr. Vangelis Gavriilidis, for his videography and editing.

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