Completion of a seminar and a workshop on Kinesthetic Intelligence. The testimonies of our participants justify our choice! – 23/07/2018

In presenting the results of the project “Kinesthetic Intelligence and improvement of L.A.R.P. players experience”, we chose not to talk about ourselves but to let participants unfold their experience through a series of comments on the content and the effectiveness of the training provided.

From the instructors:

G.N.: My co-teacher’s involvement made me feel more confident about being involved in the process. During the practices I felt the acceptance and trust of the team in us. I clearly saw that as a team they could do a lot as the practitioners showed perseverance, endurance, and acceptance both to us and to their bodies. I felt them receptive and open to energy, emotional and physical. Despite their differences (physical, age, temperament) I experienced a beautiful union. The fact that we combined morning and afternoon practices helped us record different results in terms of the dynamics and effectiveness of the practices. I liked that even Sofia had to make little adjustments to the trainees after the sixth practice, so she enjoyed this experience as a trainee and thus connected even more with the team.

S.K.: My choice as a learning assistant allowed me to work under guidance in my first attempt to run a seminar and from the beginning, I had a feeling of confidence in my personality from everyone. My colleague’s energy is not only positive but almost magical for me, managing to convey his spiritual truth physically. I find that the choice of this yoga system has allowed participants to recognize improvements both physically and mentally. Breathing and thinking worked together helped them release emotional stress and manage their emotional burden in their daily lives. Mr. Nastos has a lot to offer in his practices, and he works on psychodynamic level of the self that we all want to observe and improve to some degree.

M.C.: For me, the choice to recommend this seminar as a welcome process in the professional environment of the company, justifies me. I have the feeling that whatever happens in the future, both in the room and during the workshop that followed, the participants really felt that they belong to a group, if not a family, and that their future is interesting no matter what they choose to do. The results showed that those involved with Live Action Role Playing would be favored if they chose to combine their love for the game with an exercise that would allow them to achieve both physical strengthening and mental clarity. We are ready to repeat the venture, and I think that just like in this first attempt, in the future we will also create a different way of thinking about what it means to be holistic in the work environment. It is not just about profit; it is about making everyone feel that by working together they can achieve results where each and every one of them individually believes they will fail.

From practitioners:

A.A.: The practical sequence immediately allowed me to combine the content of the training with that of the L.A.R.P. mainly in terms of postures.

F.S.: Reception in the group has worked very well in my psychology. There were times when I felt an unreasonable internal frustration, to realize later that this was related to the experience of filming one of the lessons.

N.B.: I was experiencing a change in my vibrational frequency and it made me feel more comfortable being a member of the team. I think I’ll look further into the possible connection of kinesthetic and musical intelligence through Hatha Yoga practice.

O.D.: I think I managed to link the experience of practicing postures to my L.A.R.P. related experience, and the coherence of proper physical posture in both experiences.

G.K.: Yoga is really new to me, but the experience I had made me want to follow the path of learning with greater interest. There were postures that I missed during the training period.

C.G.: Practices have helped me to more easily grasp the necessary adjustments needed when operating a specific exercise framework. The trainers were very cooperative and supportive in helping me execute the content without difficulty. There were difficulties but I did it and I am happy about it.

FK: I enjoyed the stage of deep relaxation, it helped me to release the tension I felt in my body during practices. I think it was my favorite stage.

We would like to, once again, thank all the participants of the workshop and seminar, and especially thank the registered Hatha and Raja Yoga Instructor (500H) by Yoga Alliance (USA) and Yoga Alliance International (INDIAN), Georgios Nastos and the registered Hatha Yoga Instructor (200H) by Yoga Alliance (USA) and Yoga Alliance International (INDIAN) Sophia Koutelida, for designing and implementing the sessions. Our capacity building counselor Mario Chatzidamianos, as well as our cultural manager Lazaros Damanis for the design of the questionnaires and the indicators of the project effectiveness. Cinematographer and photographer Vangelis Gavriilidis for the excellent shots he made during the project.

Special thanks to Mr. Andreas Provellegios, owner of Yoga and Budo (Arts and Evolution) Lifelong Learning Center 1, for sponsoring the equipment:

Finally, we would like to thank Impact Hub for hosting the seminar at Kypseli Municipal Market, the new “home” of Creators of Cosmos, as Impact Hub, the managing authority, chose to host us in the building, as they considered we met the required criteria. That is, the human/environment is at the center of the company’s scope, ensuring at the same time a sustainable development plan.

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