Successes continue! – 30/07/2018

We may be just few days old, but for new converts we probably doing excellent. Following the selection of Impact Hub, as the managing authority of Kipseli Municipal Market, to host us in the building, as they considered our proposal to meet the required criteria, that is focusing on people and the environment, whilst ensuring a sustainable development plan; following the successful completion of our first training seminar-workshop entitled “Kinesthetic Intelligence and improvement of L.A.R.P. players experience”; today we are pleased to announce that Athens Development and Destination Management Agency (ADDMA S.A.) chose our company as one of the beneficiaries of the program ‘This is Athens-Polis²’.

Following the submission of our application, Creators of Cosmos was selected to participate in the “Katastima sto Kentro” action, which supports the piloting opening of closed stores located on specific streets and areas of the city center, with the aim of supporting areas that were affected during the years of economic austerity, whilst stimulating previously existing activity, and by introducing new economic initiatives, thus contributing to the enhancement of image of regions that are –or may become– major attractions for both visitors and residents.

The area of ​​choice is the historic Theater Square, where, alongside nine (9) other groups, we will be operating seven (7) culture related stores, following an invitation announced last May and completed in June. With our new team, Alexis, George K., Odysseus, Lazaros, Vangelis and George N., as well as Xanthippe, Fotini, Bora, Chrysanthi, and Nastazia we are getting ready to open our second store and business center in the heart of Athens.

Follow us on this journey and stay up to date by providing us your contact details, using the form you can find in our communication page. What else could we do, since the GDPR came into force we can’t even send friends an update without officials asking how we got their personal contact information. Keep us safe and we will keep you informed!

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