Our first game is entering its final design phase! – 20/08/2018

We are very pleased to announce the significant results achieved by our newly established production team, in extend to relevant inspection carried out in the municipality of Zagora – Mouresi in eastern Pelion, by our Department of Environmental Engineering and the Screenwriting Department between the 11th and 15th August, and in the light of the efforts made by the executives of the Game Design Department, under the guidance of the Directorates of Production and Research / Environment / System / Security & Technology, we verified that we’re ready to begin setting up our first game, in a 10km area of ​​unparalleled beauty on the Centaurs’ mountain.

The company’s effort for this game began in 2017 when we first visited the area, which is under the management of the municipality of Zagora – Mouresi, and were really impressed with how the natural beauty and geomythology of the area could enhance the content of our design. This is how we came up with the crazy idea not to launch our products from Athens, the company’s headquarters, but from an area worth visiting 12 months a year to enjoy its environmental conditions, getting to know its cultural past, and engage with the local population beyond the traditional client – provider relationship.

The result of this idea came true today in the presentation of the structure of the first, Creators of Cosmos SMPC, Live Action Role Playing Game entitled “The Centaur’s Secrets”. The game is already in the pre-production phase, with the financial and administrative control being conducted to ensure that all necessary documents and legal acts are in place, a scheduled meeting with the Zagora – Mouresi Municipality for the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation, as well as our negotiation with the Hellenic Rescue Team, with whom we are to form the Players Safety Support Team and Protecting Natural Environment Team. Contacts are also to be made with the competent forestry service and any other public body involved, so that we will soon be able to run our trials before the final installation and the game’s commissioning.

In other words, our Minimum Value Product is almost ready and we are proud to announce it, just two months after we were incorporated. Subscribe to our newsletter and find out more about our effort by submitting a request on our contact page!