Transparency and Business Progress – 30/01/2019

Creators of Cosmos announces that following the relevant procedures, which have been successfully completed, it has received a European Union Transparency Certification of its operations following the submission of the relevant legal documents. Thus, the company can now apply for financial aid, having obtained the certification (white criminal record in financial management) for the management of foreign capital and financing, by the Hellenic authorities.

At the same time, the company is pleased to announce that with the completion of its year of establishment, it is now entering its phase of pre-seed development, securing pre-seed funding that will enable us to operate our Minimum Value Product, entitled “The Centaur’s Secrets”, to be executed within the administrative boundaries of the municipality of Zagora – Mouresi, on mount Pelion.

Microfinance companies and/or organizations, as well as individuals who wish to enhance Creators of Cosmos’ financial reserve with reciprocal benefits, may contact the Communications and Business Development Directorate at [email protected].  Feel free to ask us about possible synergies as well as the reciprocal benefits we can offer you.

As part of our search for synergies, our company produces and will publish its pitching deck, listing all the useful information for potential investors and partners.

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